Game rules Maestro Quartet


Quartet card game

A quartet is a collection of multiple sets of 4 matching cards.


Start of the game: Each player gets 5 cards. Keep the cards in your hand and do not show them to the other players. Put the deck of remaining cards closed on the table. It rarely happens, but if you receive 4 cards of the same set, you have a complete quartet, which you can put open on the table.


Course of the game: Decide who starts the game. When it is your turn, ask one of the other players a card you do not possess. This must be a card of a quartet (set) of which you own at least 1 card. Say the name of the quartet [for example ‘strings ‘] and ask for the card [for example, ‘cello ‘] from the quartet you want to have. If that player has the ‘cello’, then he must hand this card over to you. You may continue asking cards, also from another player. If the player does not have the requested card, your turn is finished and you can take a card from the deck. The last player from whom you asked a card, takes the next turn. If you have a complete set of 4 cards, you say out loud: ‘Quartet!’ and put the quartet open on the table.


End of the game: When all players have played all their cards, the game is over. The player with the most quartets is the winner.