Frequently Asked Questions

nederlandse_vlagenglish_flagHow much knowledge do you need about classical music to play the game?
No knowledge is required. By playing Maestro Ensemble and Symphony you learn more about it!
Which cards are part of the game Ensemble?

At the game you only need the ensemble instruments, track cards and chance cards in the bottom right corner with the letter E.

How many chance cards should catch you per turn?
The same rule applies as for Ensemble and for Symphony: ‘ at the action card you can choose two cards and play one’.
Is it true that the 2nd violinist lacking with the soloists?
A solo 2nd violinist comes not in practice at concerts, only a solo violinist, hence that this card does not appear in the game. In its place is the concertmaster. This also has a soloists stick man; but then in white in the background of the card. By mistake this information isn’t in the manual.
What is the role of the concertmaster card?
The concertmaster is the leader of the whole orchestra. In the game this card counts as a soloist [has a stick man in background] but has a value of an instrumentalist [half note], and is part of the Orchestra, hence the orange/yellow color. The concertmaster is supposed to be shaken in the pile soloists. By the different reverse color, you have to information that the card is going to come.
For the count of the instruments you count the different instrument cards that are marked with round chips; up to 16 different instruments, more cards (No 1 – 16) are not there. If you have 3 trumpets, counts those but for one instrument, etc. For the soloists you count the different square sheets, of which you can have up to 16 (of the 32 out there) because there are 16 chips are per color. The concertmaster you can both count as instrument and as a soloist.
A player has no money to pay the scourge map, then what?
For example: ‘At a change card then the owner of the cello a 1/2 nut pay for repair’. If this person now has no more money, he/she must keep that card until he that can pay and then the card can be placed at the bottom of the deck.
How do you play the kanskaart ‘ You may take a sheetmusic card from your hand exchange with a fellow player of your choice’?
You can take a card without to see the cards of a fellow player in his hand. It is useful to give a sheetmusic card that is difficult to play at that time.
Some music pieces on the website give a black screen and do not want to play. How does it come?

In most cases you need on the link in the middle ‘Watch this video on YouTube ‘ button. This is because the owner of this video has disabled that you can view through a different website.

What can you do with a change card ‘Triangle’?

This instrument works in the section 13 like an standar percussion instrument card. In Symphony it also counts as a ‘instrument’ at the score card.